Wedding Coordinator vs. Banquet Coordinator

Happy Wednesday! In wedding world it’s Wedding Wednesday, and today the topic is wedding coordinator vs. venue coordinator. What do I mean by that? This post is about the difference between a wedding planner/coordinator and a coordinator that works for a venue. Both are great, but both are different. This is will be short and sweet.

A wedding planner/coordinator is a person who either owns his/her own business and plans/coordinates weddings or works for a company that plans/coordinates weddings, and in turn is hired by the couple. The wedding planner/coordinator works directly for the couple. A venue/banquet coordinator works directly for the venue/banquet hall and coordinates the staff members who also work for the venue/banquet hall.

Below is a comparison between the two coordinators

Duties of a Wedding Planner/Coordinator Duties of Venue Coordinator

* Meet with couple * Meet with couple
* Coordinate with other wedding vendors hired * In charge of staff workers of banquet/venue
* Create timeline/itinerary for day of wedding * Will only meet clients at venue
* Is the point of contact for the wedding day * Will answer questions pertaining to the venue
* Will meet clients in their home or in an agreed location
* Answers all sorts of questions wedding related
* Spends more time with the couple more than any other vendor

When you are booking your venue, and they have a venue coordinator, ask them what their duties are for your wedding. They will be happy to tell you what they will not do.

For all of your other coordinating needs, hire one separate fromt the venue.

Tune in soon for the next post.

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