After Engagement, what’s the next step?


Engagement!! Engagement is an exciting time. Either you just got asked to by the love of your life to marry them, or you were the one to ask the love of your life to marry you. Either way it is an awesome feeling. You start thinking about having all of your friends in it and all wedding dreams you may have had. You buy a bridal magazine, or even start looking on Pinterest for inspirations. Then….reality happens. You realize there is a lot to do and a time frame to do it in, and then you realize how much will it cost, and then… you’re already overwhelmed.

Planning your wedding should be an enjoyable time in your life, but reality is, is that planning anything can bring on some stress.

Planning a wedding is different than planning a party. There are more guests to think about inviting, it will be a lot more expensive, and a lot more details will be in play. Planning a wedding has a budget, multiple different vendors, a venue, attire, guests, bridal party, parents, decor, rings, honeymoon, hair and makeup etc.

This post will be about the first step in planning your wedding after the engagement. So, there isn’t an exact rule on what to do first, but I have some suggestions on what I feel are the first steps after an engagement.

  1.  Make a guest list.  Why on earth would I suggest this? Well, my thought process says that if you make a guest list first, and then take that number and multiply it by $125 you’ll come up with a baseline budget. For example; you chose 100 guests to share in your special day with you. Now, you take 100 guests and multiply it by $125 and the budget amount turns out to be $12,500. Now at least you have something to work with.

You may think that this is stupid to do first, but if you think about it, everything you plan will revolve around your budget, so, you have to have a starting point. This first number doesn’t have to be your final budget, but you decide if it will be more or less.

Things that go into a budget are everything that is wedding related. What are some of those everythings you ask? Well, here is a short list of those everythings.

  1. Venue – sometimes ceremonies and receptions are at the same venue, and sometimes they are at separate venues
  2. Officiant – Every officiant has a fee, even ministers at churches have a fee for offiating.
  3. Catering (food) – this will be the biggest part of your budget
  4. Attire & accessories – wedding gown, veil/head piece, shoes, jewelry, garter, tux, cuff links – also include dress alterations in budget
  5. Beauty regiments – Hair, nails and makeup
  6. Rings – yes, you should include the rings in your budget
  7. Honeymoon – yes, also include your honeymoon in your budget
  8. Cake – main cake and groom’s cake
  9. Photographer & Videographer – you can have one or the other or both.
  10. Wedding Planner/Coordinator – It is highly recommended you hire a wedding planner and or coordinator.
  11. Floral – bouquets, boutonnieres, centerpieces, ceremony pews flowers, altar area flowers
  12. Transportation
  13. DJ/Band/Musicians –
  14. Decor/Miscellaneous items – cake server & knife, card box, guest book or alternative, backdrop, toasting glasses, candles
  15. Gifts – for bridesmaids, groomsmen, flower girl, ring bearer, and parents

I think I mentioned everything, but there is a slight possibility, lol. The budget is important and it can be very tedious, but it’s worth it so you don’t lose your mind over it.

Before you start spending any money, you should research things on what they cost, and then start adding things up and see if you can stay in the budget you created.  Then decide what you have to have and what you feel is not as important.

Another thing to remember is that you don’t want to go broke or go into debt over your wedding.

This is just a small part of budget discussion. I will go into more details.  Being informed and educated will help with dealing with the stress. Once the hard stuff is done, then the other stuff gets easier and more fun.

Stay tuned for the next chapter.

Happy planning 🙂


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