About Us

About Us

A little more about Renee.

I am a wedding creative and I believe it’s all in the details. The little things matter to me. Your wedding planning needs someone to bring the little things and details to life. You need someone to bring your personality and put it into YOUR wedding day.

Our team consists of Renee Krejci, the owner and wedding/event planner/designer, and her team of enthusiastic assistants. RCK Weddings & Design has been in business since 2006, and plans, designs and coordinates weddings and life events. Our award-winning services range from Full Service planning to hourly consultations. We love our couples and clients. We help YOU bring your vision to life no matter the budget or the type of event. Let’s get started!! Contact us today for your consultation!!

01. Our Mission

Our mission is to ensure you have a wonderful day to remember; a beautiful day filled with joy and fun. We take pride in handling all the not so fun stuff while you have the day YOU envisioned. We want YOUR vision come to life.

02. Our Vision

Our vision is to help as many couples as possible to create the wedding they’ve been waiting for their whole lives. We’ve been put on this earth to serve others.

03. Our Values

Our values are based on Christian values. What that means to you is that we are honest, trustworthy, kind, helpful, servants, professional, and loving. We love our couples and clients. We do what we can to ensure our clients have the wedding they want.

04. Wedding Prayer

Dear God, One who gives us the longing for love and the capability of loving, we give thanks to You for this couple, for their open hearts and willing spirits, and for the love that they embody here in our presence.

Our Advantages

Our Advantages


When you’re completely overwhelmed with ideas, with stuff to do, or you just don’t know what to do next. We will help you figure it all out. We will give you the guidelines to continue. You can still be a DIY bride, but you don’t have to do it alone. Let us make your day awesome.

We are TEAM YOU. Our whole job is to help YOU plan the most important day of YOUR life.  Planning includes your budget.  What should be included in a wedding budget? How much do things cost for a wedding? Well, we have those answers. We help you determine a budget that fits you, and we help you stick to it. We can help you come up with a design scheme that accommodates your budget and still fits your vision.

On YOUR wedding day you will enjoy your day, because we will take care of everything. We handle the “Not so fun stuff” while you get to be part of the “fun stuff”.  You will have peace of mind, because we keep things going along and run smoothly. WE take care of YOU. You will be a guest at your wedding, and YOU’ll be making memories while we take care of business.