Full Service Planning

I hear the rain trickaling down the windows as I open the studio door. With my tea in ??hand, I turn on my computer. There is a chill outside - winter is here after all, but here in the moment, I'm as warm as I could be and you know why? Because as I sit at my desk and begin to pull together vendor contact lists and YOUR wedding notebook, I'm thinking of YOU.

I know you struggle - I do too.  I know you're overwhelmed.  I get that way too. It's hard to put together one of the biggest days of your life when you've never done it before. But you know what? I know better than that. I know that you are amazing and perfect, exactly as you are, right in this moment. Yes, right NOW!!

I crafted this wedding just for you, so you can show up at your wedding and be the amazing person you are without having to worry about the details. YOU are worthy of love and happiness and of all the amazing things your future life has to offer you both. I got this!


  • Multiple ways of communicating; personal meetings, virtual meetings, phone calls, emails, texts etc. We make it convenient for YOU
  • Full Service is like having a personal Starting out six to 12 months before wedding day, EVERY detail will be discussed and planned according to YOUR vision.
  • wedding assistant to the bride.
  • Venue/Vendor meetings
  • Oversee and manage wedding day (also known as wedding coordination)
  • Wedding Coordinator and two assistants on wedding day to set up/take down, and secure all gifts.
  • Peace of mind
  • Enjoyment of YOUR wedding day. All YOUR hard work, YOUR vision. YOU take center stage.

If you're feeling overwhelmed with research, ideas and decisions, then I invite you to schedule a complimentary consultation with me. We'll get all your thoughts, fears and stresses out on the table and start sorting them out, so you can get on with the creative stuff and start enjoying your engagement.


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