Wedding Weekend Management

You finished planning your wedding day. You're organized and everything on the To Do list is checked off. There's only one problem. Who is going to run the show and see your plans through on the big day?!
The only person who really knows your vision is you. If you leave the implementation up to your mother, sister, cousin or friends, will they really know what to do and where things go if you can’t be there to tell them? Worse, will they even have time to enjoy your big day with you if they are too busy dealing with logistics?
Dumping all your big plans on someone who doesn't know the first thing about your grand vision (or overseeing a massive event) isn't ideal.
That's why you have us. When you work with RCK, we make it our job to know your plan and your vision so we can ensure it happens just as you imagine it. We begin our work 5 weeks before your wedding day to cover EVERY SINGLE DETAIL. We draw up an itinerary and every vendor is in communication with us. We will set up, take down, coordinate with the other providers and keep your you can focus on being the bride.

Our Wedding Day Coordination service begins one month before your actual wedding date and includes;

  • Five weeks before wedding day we start
  • We go over EVERY DETAIL each week
  • Each week following we will discuss anything that you may have forgotten to mention or ideas that have possibly changed
  • One week before YOU and I go over the itinerary and plan your whole wedding day
  • I get copies of all contracts and YOU tell me what is expected from each vendor for YOUR wedding day
  • I contact each wedding vendor and coordinate arrival times and discuss the itinerary
  • Each vendor gets a copy of itinerary
  • Rehearsal - do at least 2 run throughs of the ceremony
  • Ceremony - One hour before and during
  • Reception - One coordinator and two assistants to set up/take down and secure all gifts
  • You get peace of mind
  • Focus on the benefit to the bride, not just the task itself.

Wondering if your wedding day will be "work"? Worried your close ones won't be able to manage the logistics? Want everyone to just have fun and be relaxed? 
Then I invite you to schedule a complimentary consultation with me. We'll start the process of getting a handle on all the tiny little details of your wedding day vision to make sure everything is accounted for so you can be freed up to enjoy the final days leading up to your engagement.

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